Clear PVC Patio Blind – 90cm [900mm]


90cm Clear PVC Outdoor Patio Blind. Ideal for enclosing outdoor spaces to protect from the UK weather all year round!
Ideal for use in the garden, hot tub areas, outdoor kitchen/BBQ areas, restaurants, bars.

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  • Clear PVC Patio Blind. Easy to install and simple to use.
  • Made from 0.75mm clear HD PVC and operated via a pully system.
  • Patio Blind rolls up from the bottom with the cord being anchored to your frame around a fixed point. To open and close, you simply unzip either side of the blind and use the pulley.
  • 95% UV Protected and are very easy to install. Simply bolt to the top of your structure.
  • All of the blinds are 240cm [2400mm] in drop. Approximately 30cm [300mm] of this is an air flap located underneath the main weighted bottom bar which can be trimmed to suit up to 10cm [2100mm].
  • With handy fixing straps located on the bottom weighted bar you can anchor the bottom of the blind to the bottom of the wall, post or floor.

*Wall anchors can be purchased separately. These aluminium strips 210cm [2100mm] attach to the sides of your structure or posts.
The blind slides down and sits inside the channels of the anchor which provides a secure fit at the edges to prevent flapping and damage.

All blinds are fully guaranteed for 1 year with free next day delivery.

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Weight4 kg
Dimensions90 × 16 × 16 cm


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